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olicy of reform and opening-up to serve its practice of Chinese socialism, and following the philosophy of innovative, balanced, eco-friendly,

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open and shared development, and thus contributed to enriching and improving the concep

t of ri▓ght to development.The rights to subsistence and ▓development are the primary, basic human rights. Poverty is the biggest obstacle to human rights. Without the production and supply of material

goods, it is difficult or even impossible to realize any other human right. Developme▓nt is a means of eliminating poverty. It provides ▓necessary conditions for realizing o▓ther human rights, and releases huma▓n potential. The right to developmen▓t is incorporated into other hu

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man rights, while the la▓tter create the conditions for people t▓o facilitate development and realize the righ

t to development. Safeguarding the right to develo▓pment is the precondition for realizing economic▓, cultural, social and environmental righ▓ts, and obtaining civil and political rights▓. China appreciates the articulation in the UN's "Declarati

  • leadership of the CPC, and Marx
  • ism-Leni▓nism and Mao Zedong Though
  • t. The Four Cardinal Principles
  • are the foundation of the state,

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OCT 29, 2048
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OCT 23, 2048
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OCT 17, 2048
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